Doug started playing guitar at age 10. He was born in Montreal and raised in a musical family, playing his first pro gig at 14. Shortly after, he joined his family band and played weekends at night clubs, high schools and special events. Since those early years, Doug has played in many bands, with diverse musical styles, in London, Kitchener, Toronto and the U.S., touring much of North America. He has developed his skills as a musician, artist and Producer/Engineer over the years, eventually settling in Toronto, Canada. In 1997 he started 'Juggling Reality', a recording and graphic arts studio dedicated to the developement of musical artists.

Doug has contributed his guitar work and vocals to numerous albums, and is currently working with TrioBlaze (original blues based act), Disraeli Gears (Cream tribute) and Blaze & Glory (pop duo). Although he plays in many musical genres, his roots in the blues have kept the emotional sincerity in his playing.

A pioneer in guitar synthesis and computer-based recording, Doug has consulted for Apple, toured the country with Roland and written several articles for national magazines.

Realizing his need to perform in a blues based improvisational setting, Doug formed Trio Blaze in 2006 with his long time friend, Ben Fulghum. Starting the search for the third member to complete the chemistry came after a winter of auditions. They found the perfect match in Jon Czechowski.

His long standing relationship with the guitar and love of experimentation will continue to stoke the imagination of his current passion, Trio Blaze. His influences are not limited to blues, but reach into classical, eastern, jazz, country and African music. He says, "If you play from your heart, it just comes out right".

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Doug Blaze will be headlining with his blues band, 'TrioBlaze' at the West Island Blues Festival in Montreal on June 19th, 2010

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